A passion for specialist contact lenses

Matthew Carter works for Moorfields Eye Hospital on a part-time basis within the external disease clinic and contact lens service. His contact lens role involves supervision and training of colleagues in specialist contact lenses. He is also a director of the Linklater Warren group of independent practices in the South East

Matthew Carter

What is your professional passion?  

Contact lenses for patients with anterior segment pathology.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Travel more.

What is your most cringe-worthy career moment? 

I once accidentally told a hospital patient that I loved her. She was old enough to be my mother and I was an awkward pre-reg at the time, so that was fun. Luckily she found it funnier than I did.

How do you manage a work/life balance? 

This is definitely a work in progress. I try and make the most of time off, but do not beat myself up when we spend time doing very little except enjoying the kids.

What do you do to unwind? 

Gin and walk the dog. Not necessarily in that order. 

You have won the OT lottery. What are the first three things you would do with the £1m jackpot? 

Pay off the mortgage. Take time off and travel.

Do you have your next holiday booked? 

Unfortunately I don’t. We’ve recently returned from two weeks in Thailand with our 18-month-old twin boys. It’ll take the winter to recover from the return flight.