Obituary: Drew MacDonald

Respected lab owner dies

Drew MacDonald

OT is sad to report the death of Drew MacDonald who had been unwell for six months.

Speaking to OT, optometrist Jason Kinsley-Willis, said: “Drew is a legend in optics. I was very saddened to hear the passing of my friend. His presence is already missed and it was a privilege to know him and consider him a dear friend.”

Mr MacDonald started Clyde Optical Glazing Lab in 1982. He was responsible for the brands Fitch, Oscar + Fitch, Vito Moro and Logik Rimless. The business was later rebranded as One Optical, operating in Rutherglen, Scotland.

Mr Kinsley-Willis said: “Drew was loved by his customers and staff at One Optical. He was an extremely kind, creative, loyal employer, lab owner who looked after his staff and customers like family.”

He added that Mr MacDonald’s family were “always his bedrock and focus of his true love, he had a passion for classy motor vehicles.”