Plymouth University celebrates student

Geoffrey Filmore won the annual First Year Clinical Optometry Prize

Geoffrey Filmore won the First Year Clinical Optometry Prize at Plymouth University

Plymouth University has named Geoffrey Filmore as the winner of its First Year Clinical Optometry Prize.

Mr Filmore achieved the highest overall mark in the first-year clinical optometry skills module. He received an ophthalmoscope and retinoscope set as his prize, which was donated by sponsors, Keeler.

Dr Catriona Hamer, lecturer in optometry at Plymouth University, said: “The clinical optometry skills module is where our first-year students start to hone and develop the key clinical skills they will take forward into their professional careers as optometrists.”

Keeler has sponsored the prize for four years. Its sales and marketing manager, Laura Harverley, explained that the company is pleased to support universities and students.

“Cultivating a close relationship with the UK's optometry schools also helps us understand their needs and the needs of their students,” she added.