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Optometrist and clinical director, Hannah Shooter, on the benefits of getting to know potential candidates in a relaxed setting

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How can prospective employees apply for a position at Pinders Opticians?

As a group with five practices across Mansfield and Nottinghamshire, we are always on the lookout for proactive individuals. Prospective candidates can email our operations director, Martine Lilleyman at [email protected].

What is the internal process after an application is made?

All emails received by Martine are responded to promptly. All candidates are invited to visit the practices and meet the team. This is great for both us and the candidate as it allows us to get to know each other in a relaxed setting.

What is the interview process? 

After an informal meeting, a more formal interview will be held to discover whether the candidate has the skill level, dreams and ambitions we are looking for. 
A trial day is also arranged for the candidate to get a feel for our company, and for us to get a feel of the candidate.

"We feel what the candidate does outside of work is just as important as what they do in work"

What makes a CV standout?

We feel what the candidate does outside of work is just as important as what they do in work. This shows us a true reflection of their personality, their drive and their personal ambitions. From this we start to get a glimpse of the true individual.

What are you looking for in a cover letter and why? 

We would advise potential candidates to keep it simple, keep it honest and explain why Pinders, and independent optometry, is the career path for you.

How should a candidate best prepare for an interview? 

Research is the most important part of preparation. We believe researching the company, its history and the industry is key. Also, come with ideas and suggestions on how your skills can help grow the business both clinically and commercially.

What three interview tips would you give a candidate? 

To be open, honest and really sell yourself.

What are your interview ‘pet peeves’? 

Candidates who don’t think outside of the box, and those who don’t challenge themselves.

Sum up your ideal candidate in three words… 

Enthusiastic, flexible and fun.  

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