My first eye exam

Tim Brough shares insight into his first eye exam, having recently visited Reynolds Opticians to have his eyes examined by optometrist and practice owner, Marcus Slater

My first eye exam

Tim Brough is 36 years old and until a few months ago had never had a sight test.

Working a nine to five job as a commercial leads consultant for insurance company, Lloyd & Whyte, Mr Brough blamed his busy work-life schedule for having never visited the opticians.

“I guess the main reason why I haven’t had a sight test is convenience and a lack of time in a very busy life schedule,” he shared.

However, time limitations recently evolved into a nervousness and fear about what an eye test might uncover. “More recently I’ve discovered the connection between diabetes and the eye and that has put me off perusing an eye test because not knowing is probably easier than knowing,” he explained. 


Stepping through the door

Biting the bullet, in April this year, Mr Brough visited Reynolds Opticians in Penzance for his first eye exam.

Speaking to OT directly before the test, Mr Brough shared: “For me, being a larger person and the connection that the eyes have in detecting diabetes is probably my biggest concern – although maybe it will encourage me to enforce some lifestyle changes.”

"I’m three lines better than 20/20 vision and no health conditions were uncovered, which was a big relief – why did I wait so long"

Post test

Emerging from the testing room with a big smile on his face, Mr Brough was pleased to report that he has “better than 20/20 vision.”

“I’m three lines better than 20/20 and no health conditions were uncovered, which was a big relief – why did I wait so long?,” he laughed. 

Mr Brough was particularly impressed with the technology that was involved in his eye test, having had an optical coherence tomography scan, amongst other things.

“Technology wise, I’m really impressed and very surprised with the advancements in science – I think it’s incredible,” he said.

Mr Brough’s favourite part of the eye exam was seeing the back of his eye. He also liked that his eye health was given importance, not just how well he could see.

Reflecting on his first eye exam, Mr Brough said: “It was eye opening. It was un-invasive, un-intrusive and Marcus was brilliant.” 

“I’d certainly take the advice and come and have my sight tested in two years,” he closed.