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Patient leaflets pack

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Eye conditions

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

Page: Age-related macular degeneration advice

Download: Age-related macular degeneration leaflet (PDF)

Allergic conjunctivitis

Page: Allergic conjunctivitis advice

Download: Allergic conjunctivitis leaflet (PDF)

Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis 

Page: Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis advice

Download: Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis leaflet (PDF)


Page: Blepharitis advice

Download: Blepharitis leaflet (PDF)


Page: Cataracts advice

Download: Cataracts leaflet (PDF)

Dry eye

Page: Dry eye advice

Download: Dry eye leaflet (PDF)

Flashes and floaters

Page: Flashes and floaters advice

Download: Flashes and floaters leaflet (PDF)


Page: Glaucoma advice

Download: Glaucoma leaflet (PDF)

Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD)

Page: Meibomian gland dysfunction advice

Download: Meibomian gland dysfunction leaflet (PDF)

Scratched cornea

Page: Scratched cornea

Download: Scratched cornea (PDF) 

Children's eye health advice

Why vision matters

Page: Why children's vision matters

Download: Why vision matters leaflet (PDF)

Screen time - facts for parents

Page: Screen time - facts for parents

Download: Screen time - facts for parents leaflet (PDF)

Contact lens advice

Advice for rigid lens wearers

Page: Advice for rigid lens wearers

Download: Advice for rigid and hard lens wearers leaflet (PDF)

Advice for soft lens wearers

Page: Advice for soft lens wearers

Download: Advice for soft lens wearers leaflet (PDF)

Taking care of your eyes

Amsler chart 

Page: Amsler chart 

Download: Amsler chart (PDF) 

Domiciliary eye care

Page: Domiciliary eye care

Download: The domiciliary eye care leaflet (PDF)

Smoking and eye health

Page: Smoking and eye health

Download: Smoking and eye health (PDF)

The sight test explained

Page: The sight test explained

Download: The sight test explained leaflet (PDF)

Tinted and coloured filters for visual discomfort

Page: Tinted and coloured filters for visual discomfort 

Download: Tinted and coloured filters for visual discomfort (PDF)

Top tips for healthy eyes

Page: Top tips for healthy eyes

Download: Top tips for healthy eyes leaflet (PDF)

UV and eye health

Page: UV and eye health

Download: UV and eye health (PDF)

Who's who in your optical practice (updated April 2018)

Page: Who's who in your optical practice

Download: Who’s who in your optical practice (PDF)

Your prescription explained

Page: Your prescription explained

Download: Your prescription explained (PDF)

NHS sight test eligibility

NHS funding in England

Page: NHS funding in England

Download: NHS funding in England (PDF)

NHS funding in Northern Ireland

Page: NHS funding in Northern Ireland

Download: NHS funding in Northern Ireland (PDF)

NHS funding in Scotland

Page: NHS funding in Scotland

Download: NHS funding in Scotland (PDF)

NHS funding in Wales

Page: NHS funding in Wales

Download: NHS funding in Wales (PDF)

Vision standards

Driving and vision standards 

Page: Driving and vision standards

Download: Driving and vision standards leaflet (PDF)

AOP Posters

Download: AOP UV and eye health campaign poster (PDF) 

Download: AOP 2020 eye health campaign poster (PDF)

Download: AOP children’s eye health poster (PDF)

Download: AOP Valentine’s Day poster (PDF) 


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