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Rock and roll eyewear

OT  spoke to Danielle Rattray, founder of the eponymous eyewear brand, about winning a Love Eyewear Award, and designing bold, edgy frames, at 100% Optical 2024

A pair of Danielle Rattray ‘Lowe’ sunglasses are held up in an exhibition stand – the frames have a antiqued metal look with blue tinted lenses. Blurred in the background are chunky acetate frames.

An eyewear brand for strong, independent women, with a twist of rock-and-roll inspiration, took home a Love Eyewear Award at 100% Optical 2024.

The Scotland-based brand, Danielle Rattray, won Women’s Sunglasses Frame of the Year with the frame, ‘Lowe.’

Danielle Rattray, the eponymous founder, told OT that the brand was founded in 2020 and aimed at the UK market, though she has also received a positive response from the wider market in France and Italy.

“I’m inspired by strong, independent women, so that’s definitely somebody I’m trying to appeal to – that fiery woman,” Rattray shared.

She continued: “I’m really inspired by music, so when I design, I’m usually fully immersed in music, and I think that comes through in the designs – a bit of a rock and roll twist.”

The frames are designed for slightly smaller faces, to provide options of bold, statement eyewear that don't look like ‘novelty’ pieces for petite wearers.

Styles in the Danielle Rattray collection are bold but understated, with no visible logo or branding on the outside of the frames.

Showcasing the award-winning ‘Lowe’ frame, Rattray described the design as: “A cat’s eye, but with a cut-off that makes it a bit stronger and edgier – a bit more aggressive.”

Another stand-out frame from the collection is ‘Stevie’ which has been extended into additional colourways.

The square frame has a cat’s eye twist with sharp edges that Rattray describes as presenting: “A feminine kick, but with a touch of masculinity.”