Cult Vision creates Windows into Spring

The practice has partnered with artist and sign painter, Archie Proudfoot, to create a window installation during Clerkenwell Design Week

Archie Proudfoot wears bright red overalls decorated with pins and patches and ruffled lace sleeves, in front of his artwork ‘WOW’ painted in gold, silver, greens and pinks on the Cult Vision window

Cult Vision has brought a pop of colour and celebration of spring to Clerkenwell Design Week, through a collaboration with artist and sign painter, Archie Proudfoot.

Proudfoot created a large installation in the window of the Cult Vision practice as a live painting performance over the three-day event, re-creating one of his iconic pieces: ‘WOW.’

The window design will be rendered in gold leaf, creating mirrored surfaces that play with reflections of the viewer and the city behind them, and enamel paint of classic images of spring such as blossom, sun, and rain.

Proudfoot explained that the concept for the window design emerged from an experience of renovating his home last year in which a large sliding glass door and window was installed.

“Waking up every morning to this big new vista has made me very excited for spring this year. So, I wanted to celebrate this idea of looking out into spring as it arrives through a window, and the window at Cult Vision seemed like a perfect place to explore that experience as an installation,” Proudfoot said.

The front of the Cult Vision practice in London with the large ‘WOW’ artwork painted on the window. Archie is behind the glass painting on the reverse

On the decision to re-create his ‘WOW’ design, which plays with language and traditional craft skills, Proudfoot said: “When you turn a corner on a London pavement and come across a tree towering over you, filled with blossom flowers, the only response is ‘wow.’ It felt like the ideal time to revisit the framework of this piece to celebrate the idea of looking into spring at Cult Vision.”

The ‘Windows into Spring’ collaboration between the practice and artist has been curated by David Rosenberg at Velorose Gallery.

The installation has been layered to focus the gaze of viewers alternately on the shop window, the screen wall, the surroundings, and the viewer themselves. A concurrent exhibition will take place at Velorose Gallery.

Keep an eye out for an interview with Archie Proudfoot about his eyewear style with OT this summer.