OutsideClinic celebrates integration of Bloom Hearing Specialists

The audiology brand will be retired, with the business operating under the OutsideClinic banner

A large deep purple poster displays the OutsideClinic and Bloom Hearing Specialists logo side by side above bold white words ‘Audiology unite!’ Beneath this in finer italics, in a teal colour, reads, ‘Stronger together.’

Optimism Health Group, the company behind OutsideClinic, has announced the successful integration of Bloom Hearing Specialists into the domiciliary business.

OutsideClinic acquired the UK assets of Bloom Hearing Specialists in autumn 2022.

The company shared that, after a year of preparation, the Bloom brand will be retired, with the business operating under the OutsideClinic banner.

The 11 Bloom Hearing Specialists stores will be rebranded as OutsideClinic, while regular operations continue.

Integrating the business into OutsideClinic will expand the domiciliary provider’s audiology workforce to more than 150 team members.
Paula Cave, audiology commercial director at OutsideClinic, said of the integration progress: “We are thrilled to embark on this journey of unity, combining the strengths of Bloom Hearing Specialists and OutsideClinic to deliver the highest quality audiology care.

“Our expanded team, extensive High Street presence, and increased capacity are all significant steps toward our goal of transforming lives through improved hearing.”

Cave was appointed to the audiology role at OutsideClinic in September 2023.

In 2023, OutsideClinic carried out more than 30,000 hearing visits across the UK.

Announcing the milestone update, the company shared that the integration marks a “leap forward” in advancing audiology care in the UK, adding: “This is the next step in Optimism Health Group’s plan to develop a powerhouse hearing and eye care brand.”

The domiciliary provider is seeking additional audiologists to join its team in 2024, with more information available on the OutsideClinic careers website.