Davis Optometrists celebrates 60 years

“It’s been an incredible six-decade-long journey,” said Kim Durden, part of the second generation running the family business

Amit Sharma, Lynn Carson, Roz Giles and Kim Durden

Davis Optometrists, a Hakim Group independent practice, is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

Founded by Rodney Davis in the 1970s, Rodney Davis Opticians – as it was then called – was based in an office on Gold Street in Kettering.

The practice has continued with Davis’ children, Kim and Jeremy, with the addition of family friend, Nick Carson.

The team will celebrate the 60th milestone with a cake-cutting ceremony and party at their Kettering branch, based at Moyune House since 1974.

Kim Durden (née Davis), partner at Davis Optometrists, explained: “Our father, Rodney, laid the foundation of this practice with a vision for advanced eye care and a deep commitment to our community. It’s truly remarkable to see how much we’ve grown and adapted over the years while staying true to those principles.”

Practice team and Rodney Davis
The practice team with the founder, Rodney Davis

The practice has been a keen adopter of optical technology, being one of the first Carl Zeiss lens stockists in the county, among the first in the UK to acquire an Optomap in 2002 and receiving the ninth optical coherence tomography camera in the world in 2009.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of a practice that embraces technological advancements in eye care,” Durden said.

As part of the second generation of the family to continue the business, Durden shared: “It’s been an incredible six-decade-long journey. From my father’s initial steps in Gold Street to where we stand now, it’s been a testament to our family’s dedication, the trust of our community, and the relentless drive to bring the best in optometric care to our patients.”

Lynn Carson, who recently stepped into a director role after 40 years with the practice, called it an “honour and a privilege” to work alongside the Davis family.

“Over the years, I’ve seen us grow, adapt, and continue to put our patients’ needs first. As we celebrate this milestone, it’s heartening to think of the countless individuals we’ve helped with their eye care and the lives we’ve touched,” Carson said. “I’m incredibly optimistic about what the future holds.”

Lead image: Amit Sharma, Lynn Carson, Roz Giles and Kim Durden.