Specsavers extends recycling scheme to support offices

The initiative has been running in practices since last year, collecting glasses and contact lenses for recycling

Contact lens blister packs are fanned out against a white background with a blue solutions bottle
Pexels/Nataliya Vaitkevich

Specsavers has expanded its recycling scheme after reporting a successful response to the initiative from community practices.

A green collection box with ‘MyGroup’ labels and a sign advising: “Recycle your glasses, glasses cases and contact lenses (including plastic packaging here) here, so they can be turned into something different
Collection boxes have been provided in Specsavers practices since 2022 to recycle glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and contact lens plastic packaging such as solution bottles and blister packs.

More than 45 tonnes of material have been recycled in the UK so far through the scheme, which is operated with the waste management and recycling company, MYGroup.

The initiative has now been expanded to Specsavers’ support offices in Nottingham, Southampton and Guernsey.

Sarah Koulloutas, head of sustainability at Specsavers, said: “The scheme offers a more sustainable solution by repurposing frames, contact lenses and contact lens packaging into useful products such as joinery boards and furniture.”

Koulloutas added that the scheme helps to keep “valuable resources in circulation for longer.”