Chief medical officer visits Walsall independent

Dr Ananta Dave, of the Black Country Integrated Care System, learned about the services on offer at Moores Opticians

Shamina and Ananta Dave
Shamina Asif

The chief medical officer for Black Country Integrated Care System visited a Walsall independent practice to learn how optometry practices can ease pressure on ophthalmology.

Dr Ananta Dave gained insight on COVID-19 Urgent Eyecare Service (CUES) appointments during her visit to Moores Opticians on 21 January.

The meeting was arranged following a discussion between Dave and Dudley local optical committee chair, Shamina Asif, at an Integrated Care Board (ICB) presentation.

“I invited her to our family independent practice to see how we are the core of the community providing far more for patients than just basic GOS,” Asif shared.

Topics discussed during the visit included gaps in the funding of paediatric services, raising awareness of CUES to reduce demand on acute centres as well as the benefits of Healthy Living Optical services.

Asif shared that further meetings are planned with the Black Country ICB. She added that Dave’s first-hand experience of an optical practice will make it easier to explain the importance and benefits of delivering services in primary care.

“Experiencing something is much better than having it explained,” Asif shared.

“My advice to other LOCs would be to attend as many meetings as possible where ICB leads may be present and be proactive,” she highlighted.

Main image: Shamina Asif, second from left, with Dr Ananta Dave, centre, during a practice visit to Moores Opticians.