Hoya’s new scheme seeks to engage communities in myopia awareness

The Eye Care We Care scheme plans to partner eye care professionals and teachers to support knowledge of eye health

adult and child

Hoya has introduced plans for a new community project to bring schools and optometrists together to provide information on eye health and myopia in a format suitable for children.

Launching in April, the Eye Care We Care scheme aims to support eye care professionals to help educate their communities about eye care and increase awareness of vision care for children.

Speaking to OT, the company said: “It is surprising to learn that schools currently do not have any scheme in place which focuses on the importance of healthy eyesight and overall eye health.”

With vision screening impacted by the pandemic, Hoya suggested “teachers may not be as aware that a child has visual difficulties and may only see the impact to their learning.”

As part of its goal to address myopia, Hoya’s new scheme aims to help bring eye care professionals together “to improve knowledge of eye health in an innovative and fun way for children.”

Hoya is encouraging eye care professionals to register interest in participating in the scheme. More information on the project can be found on the company’s dedicated website.