Refurbishment leads to record year

Wilkie & Rider underwent a £20,000 refurbishment in March 2019

Optometrist with patient
A Scottish independent opticians has announced that it is on course to achieve record sales in over 60 years following a £100,000 refurbishment.

Based in Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire, Wilkie & Rider was established in 1956 when William Wilkie joined a company called Hudson’s. It was renamed Wilkie & Rider in 1968 and today is run by the founder’s son and grandchildren.

The refurbishment, which took place in March 2019, was a first for the practice in 25 years.

Speaking about the refresh, third- generation owner and director, Sian Wilkie, explained: “We didn’t expand the space, but the place looks much bigger because of the open-plan layout. It’s a space with a modern feel that reflects the quality of the eye care that has always gone on in the back rooms.”

Ms Wilkie confirmed that the practice has received positive feedback on its new look from patients.

The refurbishment included investing in a Zeiss Visioffice2 digital scanning system that is designed to measure how an individual’s behaviour affects the performance of their spectacles.

Speaking about the tool, Ms Wilkie, said: “It allows us to provide an even more personalised service to our clients. We can provide much more tailor-made lenses that are best suited to how each person wears and uses them.”

Wilkie & Rider performs around 1000 eye tests per quarter.