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Improving patient care with MECS

OT  visited two practices in Wolverhampton to find out how MECS benefits patients and the reputation of optometry

03 Dec 2019 by Andrew McClean, Laurence Derbyshire

Providing minor eye conditions services (MECS) increases awareness around the importance of eye health with patients, according to optometrists in Wolverhampton.

Prab Bopari Opticians and Flint & Partners told OT that areas of the UK that do not have MECS should be looking at Wolverhampton to see the difference it has made to optometry in the area.

OT visits two practices in Wolverhampton to find out how MECS operates

Speaking about how MECS benefits patients, optometrist and practice director of Flint & Partners, Peter Rockett, said: “In the past they would be waiting three weeks for a GP appointment, the GP doesn’t have a slit lamp to assess them on so their assessment will only go so far.”

Flint & Partners’s MECS scheme has seen over 20,000 patients as it has grown through marketing, word of mouth among patients and by increasing awareness among other practitioners.

Optometrist and practice owner of Prab Bopari Opticians, Prab Bopari, said: “A lot of patients will come in and say, ‘I only thought this was possible in hospital’.”

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    Stewart Mitchell, AOP Councillor, Yorkshire & Humber

    Sadly our MECS scheme, that only started in June has proved too popular (ie it’s too expensive) so the CCG will decommission. Sad as this leads to greater expense for gp’s and unhappy patients whom we will happily see, but privately.

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    Has anybody found away of getting locally funded MECs fees increased periodically, we just had a 2% rise after 8 years! It just inadequate and not sustainable. LOCSU says its not their job to negotiate fee increases, so if its not them whose job is it in England as the CCGs always cry poverty even though MECs saves them money!

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