Asda Opticians survey finds three in five respondents struggle with vision when driving

A third of those surveyed admitted that not wearing correct eyewear caused them to struggle to see properly when behind the wheel

Car wheel

Research from Asda Opticians reports that 15% of survey respondents said they had come close to having an accident as a result of not being able to see properly. 

Three in five of those surveyed admitted that they struggled to see properly when driving while a quarter of respondents said they squinted when behind the wheel and had difficulties reading road signs.

Close to a third of survey respondents (29%) said that a lack of correct eyewear while driving caused them to struggle with their vision, while one in four (24%) said they had missed an exit because they did not see it.

The survey also found that 9% of respondents did not get their eyes tested every two years as recommended.

Former ‘Stig’ from Top Gear, Ben Collins, highlighted that vision is a driver’s greatest asset.

“Your eyeballs are the most advanced piece of technology riding with you in the car and the easiest to maintain with a check up every other year,” he said.

Of those surveyed, 33% said worsening eyesight would prompt them to book an eye test, while 64% said a letter from their optometrist would encourage them to book an appointment.

The survey results are based on an online questionnaire completed by 2003 UK drivers between 3 and 4 May.

Image credit: Pixabay