My-iClinic launches myopia services for children

The clinic is designed to reduce the rate of myopia in young children

sight test

A myopia control clinic for children offering MiSight multifocal contact lenses and atropine 0.01% treatment has been launched at My-iClinic.

Clinic director and consultant ophthalmologist at My-iClinic, John Bolger, said: “The treatment is to try and stop the progression so that someone who may be on course to become -6, may actually stop at -2.”

The clinic provides new tests for children at each follow-up appointment and a personalised course based on the results of the these tests.

Highlighting research from Singapore, Mr Bolger said that the consequences of atropine “seem to be almost zero.”

Watch Mr Bolger talk to OT about My-iClinic’s new myopia clinic below.