Online vision testing company rebrands

Opternative has announced that it has been renamed Visibly

Opternative has announced that it has been renamed Visibly

A US company that provides online vision testing to patients in 37 states has been rebranded, with the technology expected to launch in Germany during the first quarter of this year.

Opternative has been officially renamed to Visibly, a name that the company’s chief executive officer, Brent Rasmussen, told OT better represents its aims and mission as a business. “Our mission is that everybody on the earth has access to efficient, accurate and affordable eye care wherever they are, all of the time,” he said.

Mr Rasmussen has been a driving force behind the name change. It is something that he felt was important on joining the company just over a year ago.

“On day one of joining Visibly [then Opternative], I began speaking to key stakeholders, investors and employees in the optometry community about our renaming,” he said.

The CEO highlighted that the company’s previous name, Opternative, had “very negative connotations” in the optometry sector. “It was seen as an alternative to optometry, something that we are not about,” he said.

“Visibly better represents the partnerships that we are building with eye care providers and eyewear retailers in the industry,” Mr Rasmussen added.

The company involved key stakeholders, including board members, industry experts, optometrists, investors and internal employees, in the selection of the new name. It believes that the new name reflects the audience that the company serves today and plans to serve in the future.

Mr Rasmussen confirmed that Visibly will be rolled out into Germany as a white label solution in early 2019, as well as “other parts of the EU throughout the year.”