Valli Opticians opens first joint venture partnership practice

Optometrist Nazmeen Valli becomes a partner in AJ Spurrett Opticians in Valli’s portfolio

Nazmeen Ahmed
Independent optical group Valli Opticians has announced its first-ever joint venture practice.

Optometrist Nazmeen Ahmed, who has worked at AJ Spurrett Opticians, which is part of the Valli Opticians Group, for 18 months, has been made a partner in the practice.

Managing director of the Valli Opticians Group, Moin Valli, said: “We are delighted to welcome Nazmeen as a partner at the practice. As a company we are passionate about nurturing local talent and Nazmeen is a very focused and dynamic person – a perfect fit for the Valli Opticians Group. She will be the visible presence at AJ Spurrett Opticians, working in the branch, looking after our customers and the team, and growing the business.”

Speaking about becoming a partner in the practice, Ms Ahmed said: “From the moment I began working at AJ Spurrett last year I instantly felt at home. The team vibe is awesome and it’s an excellent practice. When Moin proposed the joint venture partnership I was naturally overwhelmed but immediately interested. It just felt right.”

Valli Opticians was established in 2005 by husband and wife team Moin and Rachel Valli. The group currently has 14 practice based in Yorkshire, Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

Practitioners interested in exploring a joint venture partnership with Valli Opticians Group should email Mr Valli.