Optical Express hits the sweet spot with PGA partnership

The multiple will establish a grassroots golf programme to encourage greater participation in the sport and promote eye health

Optical Express

Optical Express has become an official partner of the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA), which will see the multiple create greater awareness of eye health within the sport. 

As part of the three-year partnership, Optical Express will encourage people to play golf through the establishment of a grassroots programme that will be rolled out across the UK.

Chief executive of the PGA, Robert Maxfield, said: “The PGA is always looking to support new initiatives aimed at getting more young people into golf and I am confident Optical Express’ exciting grassroots programme will encourage more juniors to take up this wonderful game.”

He added that it is imperative for the PGA to promote the importance of eye health and educate its members about how Optical Express can make playing the sport more enjoyable.

Founder and chief executive officer of Optical Express, David Moulsdale, said: “We have already improved the vision and lives of a number of professional sports people in recent years and this partnership will enable us to work closely with professional golfers.

“Improving their vision means that they then have a great opportunity to improve their game and performance. Not only that, but they’ll discover the lifestyle and wellbeing benefits it can bring too.”