Vision Express shares contact lens care tips

The multiple’s research has revealed that 9% of respondents use tap water instead of solution for cleaning

Vision Express Love your lenses

Vision Express has highlighted the importance of maintaining a high standard of care for contact lenses as part of its support of the General Optical Council’s Love Your Lenses Week (24–30 March).

The multiple has commissioned a poll of 1000 UK contact lens wearers, which revealed that 49% of respondents said a night out is the most common reason for a lapse in contact lens routine.

A total of 42% of respondents said they had lapses in contact lens routine when they are too tired, and 25% said their contact lens routine changes when they travel.  

Other findings include that the average wearer forgets to remove their contact lenses three times a month and 9% use tap water instead of solution for cleaning. 

Optometrist and director of professional services at Vision Express, Jay Ghadiali, said: “The risks of wearing contact lenses are very small and the benefits worthwhile, but the need to educate British contact lens wearers on aftercare is critical as this is what can lead to infection or long-term issues for wearers.” 

“We’re proud to support Love Your Lenses Week, as the eye health of our customers and their families is our absolute priority so we’ve picked the brains of our optical leads across the country to collate their top tips on caring for your contact lenses,” he added. 

The multiple has shared top tips for contact lens wearers, including reminders to remove lenses before going to sleep, wash and dry hands before handling contacts, and to clean and replace them regularly at intervals recommended by an eye care professional.