Optical Express expands Chelmsford clinic

The multiple has invested £1.5m in its Essex-based branch

17 Oct 2017 by Emily McCormick

Optical Express has upgraded the ophthalmic services that it offers at its Chelmsford practice through a £1.5 million investment in new diagnostic and treatment technology.

The Essex-based clinic, which opened earlier this year, has added lens replacement, lens enhancement and cataract surgery to the procedures that it offers patients, alongside its other eye care treatments, including laser eye surgery.

Optical Express said that it made the investment “as more people increasingly seek treatments to help correct their vision,” adding that previously, patients who required lens procedures such as cataract treatment were travelling to London for surgery.

Clinical services director at Optical Express, Stephen Hannan, said: “While laser eye surgery is not suitable for everyone, lens replacement procedures can be a fantastic viable option to improve a patient’s eye sight. In response to demand, we’ve brought the latest in ophthalmic technology to our Chelmsford clinic. The facilities will also give patients from both the Bluewater and Lakeside clinic the opportunity to explore wider eye care treatment options.”


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