New Specsavers manufacturing centre officially opened

Developments at the Kidderminster site will allow the multiple to double its capacity, expanding by up to 200 employees over the next five years

Specsavers manufacturing centre

Solar and thermal energy, and a self-harvesting water farm, feature in Specsavers’ new Kidderminster manufacturing and distribution centre. 

The site currently employs 400 staff and is expected to expand by up to 200 positions over the next five years. 

The facility was officially opened by Specsavers founder Dame Mary Perkins last Friday (9 June). 

Specsavers’ International Glazing Services and Lens Online divisions shifted into the two new units at Stourpoint Five in phases, completing the move last month (May).

The new centre, which took 11-months to construct, uses automated conveyor systems to transport lenses. Specsavers reported that this development will allow the multiple to double its capacity. 

The site features improved worker facilities, including two canteens, a games area, “climate-controlled” working environment and ergonomic work stations. 

Dame Perkins told OT: “Ever since we set up Specsavers in 1984 it has been important for us to oversee our own manufacturing, to be able to control quality and staff conditions while at the same time being able to pass our cost savings on to all Specsavers stores and their customers.” 

Specsavers director of manufacturing and distribution, Simon Holloway, highlighted to OT  that the multiple had already observed improved productivity and a reduced carbon footprint following the shift. 

Specsavers’ International Glazing Services division glazes customers’ frames with prescription lenses for the multiple’s stores in Northern European countries.  

The Lens Online business stocks and distributes lenses and contact lenses to stores in the UK and Ireland, and executes the LensMail contact lens delivery scheme to customers.   

Image credit: Specsavers