Optegra Manchester five years on

Optegra marks five years since the opening of its Manchester eye hospital

03 Mar 2016 by Emily McCormick

optegramanchesterEye hospital group Optegra has marked the fifth anniversary of its Manchester-based facility. The hospital was opened in Didsbury in February 2011, and was then the first dedicated eye hospital in the area designed to deliver personalised care to every patient.

In the last five years, the hospital has treated over 10000 patients and expanded its team to 21 specialist ophthalmic surgeons.

Since opening, its staff have also helped raise thousands of pounds for charitable causes, including eye research charity Fight for Sight.

Speaking about the milestone, director of Optegra Eye Hospital Manchester, Caroline McHugh, told OT: “Over the past five years we have been able to help so many local people to see more clearly – from correcting their short or long-sightedness, to lifting the cloudiness of cataracts which can really impact on everyday living, to diagnosing and treating the most serious of eye conditions such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and diabetes-related problems.”

She added: “We are delighted that Optegra Eye Hospital Manchester has gone from strength to strength over the past five years, attracting exceptional surgeons and creating partnerships in the community which mean we can bring our specialist services to as wide a community as possible. We look forward to further developments in the years ahead.”


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