Specsavers launches rewards scheme for its employees

Multiple partners with points Rewards initiative

specsavers employee with customer at dispensing table

Specsavers has launched an employee incentive programme and has announced its partnership with epoints Rewards for over 17,500 staff in more than 800 of its stores in the UK and Ireland. 

Under the new scheme, the multiple is motivating and rewarding its stores and employees with epoints, a currency, which can be redeemed against a choice of millions of products. 

Specsavers stores are being rewarded with epoints for meeting and exceeding targets, and for discussing certain products with customers. Individual practice franchise directors can also buy additional epoints to run their own incentive initiatives and to reward staff individually. 

Director of retail communications at Specsavers, Jill Clark, explained: “Epoints Rewards is a unique employee incentive scheme that has been very successful in its rollout throughout Specsavers stores.” 

Ms Clark added: “As staff can choose their own rewards, it has been hugely motivational for them and this in turn has had a significant impact on both employee engagement and sales. We are delighted to be working in partnership with epoints Rewards.”

The epoints Rewards scheme enables companies from all sectors to reward their employees for everything from financial to personal development targets. Companies credit their account and then manage the allocation of the epoints currency from a central administration portal. 

It is understood that the epoints redemption range is one the largest in the loyalty sector, with more than two million items to choose from, including electronics and gaming, through to beauty and fashion items. 

Employees can also gain epoints by shopping across thousands of retailers on the High Street and online, as well as for playing online games and watching viral videos. 

Founder and chief executive of epoints Rewards, Matt Norbury, said: “Organisations have the need to offer incentives to reward and motivate their staff. A key challenge is delivering a reward that is easy to administer and attractive for the recipient. The epoints offering makes perfect sense. It puts the employee in control, allowing them the flexibility to choose their own rewards and fits the lifestyle of the digitally-connected."