100% Optical

Stopping the frustration of presbyopes

Bausch + Lomb took to 100% Optical with a focus on supporting practices to recommend multifocal contact lenses

The key message from Bausch + Lomb at 100% Optical was ‘Stop presbyopes’ frustration.’

OT took a tour of the stand, which featured interactive displays illustrating the frustration that presbyopes can feel as their vision changes, and explained the effect of presbyopia on practice contact lens businesses.

Petra Vacca, Bausch + Lomb business unit director, UKI and Nordics, explained: “We really believe, as a company that is committed to help people see better and live better, we can help presbyopes through lenses – the multifocal lenses particularly.”

During the show, the company was showcasing the Bausch + Lomb Ultra Multifocal as a predictable and simple to fit option.

Vacca explained that, by the age of 44 or just before pre-presbyopia hits, 18% of contact lens wearers drop out of the category. When presbyopia hits, by the age of 54, 55% of contact lens wearers drop out.

“It only gets worse,” Vacca added, illustrating that by the age of 64, 73% of wearers are lost from the contact lens category.

“Why? Mostly because they do not know that there are lenses for them at that stage,” she commented.

The Bausch + Lomb Multifocal features a Three-Zone Progressive Design, and is optimised for seven different biometrics of the eye, across nine critical distances from 25cm to 6m.

This results in “stable and distinct zones,” particularly in the intermediate zone, with Vacca explaining that, as much of our time is spent in the intermediate zone, “that was really important to deliver that satisfaction to people.”

The lens is simple to fit, with 96% of people satisfied with the fit after two visits, the company suggests.

Vacca emphasised Bausch + Lomb’s goal to “change the view of presbyopes.”

“I know there is a lot of noise about presbyopia, but still, when our friends, relatives, are sitting in restaurants looking at the menu and see it blurred because they don’t want to pop on spectacles as that is a sign they are ageing and they are not, that is when we believe multifocal contact lenses could make a difference,” she said.

Vacca added: “We’re out here to inspire the professionals in this industry to be more proactive and brave in recommending multifocal contact lenses.”