Me and my glasses

“I like to stick by what I know I love”

Freelance marketing consultant and food content creator, Clare Brent, on being loyal to a frame style, and what she has learnt from managing social media for eyewear companies

Clare Brent wears bright red frames in a rectangle shape. She is in a restaurant and holds up a plate of food
Clare Brent

How many pairs of spectacles or sunglasses do you own?

I have three pairs of spectacles. Two are basically the same colour, and one is the same model but in a different colour. I like to keep multiple pairs because, unfortunately, I do tend to lose or break my glasses. I also like to have a pair upstairs in my room, one pair downstairs, and another in my handbag. I can’t see long distances so only need them for driving, and watching TV, so it can be easy to forget my glasses.

I don’t wear sunglasses very often. I have maybe five pairs in different colours to go with outfits on holiday.

What frame shapes, colours or styles do you usually go for, and why?

The frames I wear at the moment are from Emporium Eyewear. I recently started working with the company to provide marketing. I wear the ‘UN7102’ from the latest collection, Uniq.

I have two pairs of the red and one in pink. I choose this model because I was very excited when the latest collection came out. I think it’s an empowering frame. The collection is geared towards women and they are very bright, vibrant frames. The red and pink both feel dazzling. I like to go for smaller frames because I think they suit me better and as the colour of these frames is so bold, I felt it needed to be balanced out.

Can you describe your favourite pair?

I think, because I’m a dark brunette and have brown eyes, my red frame really stands out. It is the kind of frame that is very versatile. You can wear it during the day and into the evening, and it goes with a number of outfits.

I’m a loyalist with frames. Once I find a style I like, I will return to that for years and years. As long as I trust in a pair and think it suits me, I’m done. I’m interested in trends, but I don’t jump on them – I like to stick by what I know I love.

A rectangular red frame rests on a wooden platter in front of some impressive pastries
Claire’s ‘UN7102’ frame from Emporium Eyewear in red

How long have you worn spectacles for?

I was 11 when I started wearing spectacles. It is a funny thing to look back on because it’s one of those moments in life that was memorable for me. I always knew I was probably going to need spectacles because my whole family wore them. When I was 11, I was struggling to see the backboard. It was getting too blurry and I knew it was time. I went for a sight test and that was that. I used to wear darker, slightly more bland frames, but as I get older, I’m more interested in standing out.

Who is your style icon?

I’m interested in trends but I don’t aspire to be like any celebrities. I think I admire people that are brave in their eyewear. I enjoy watching cookery shows, so I admire Prue Leith’s choices – someone who takes risks with their eyewear.

What do vision and eye health mean to you?

Eye health is so interesting, in the sense that so many people don’t realise that an eye test is not just about testing your eyes. The optometrist can detect a number of health conditions just from looking at the inside of your eye: diabetes, and heart conditions for example. I think that is incredible. I’m definitely one of those people who, when I get the reminder, I book that appointment. I don’t delay, because it’s important and helps you to know what else is going on with your body.

How important is eyewear to reflecting your personality?

With a lot of people, the first thing they see is your eyes. I think it is important to make an impact straightaway. I like my eyewear to exude my personality. I’m very outgoing, I’m an extrovert. I like to be a bit of a maverick. I think my eyewear does reflect that.

What are your three top tips for selecting the right pair of frames?

  1. Work out your face shape. It’s important to choose frames that work well with the proportions of your face
  2. Choose a pair of frames that makes you happy when you pick them up. A colour that makes you smile, or something that makes you a little bit excited to wear it each time
  3. Consider: Does this suit me? Am I picking it for a trend, or because it genuinely suits my face shape and personality? Don’t be afraid to be unique.