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Love Eyewear Awards reveals new additions to judging panel

Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of 100% Optical, the show has formed new influencer partnerships with image consultants and eyewear bloggers

People are gathered on pink bench seating around a catwalk stage looking towards the two hosts – one wearing an orange and yellow patterned dress, and the other in a light grey suit with hair dyed blue and pink

The organisers of 100% Optical have announced new additions to the Love Eyewear Awards judging panel.

100% Optical has formed new influencer partnerships for the 2024 event, in celebration of the show’s 10th anniversary.

Carolina Lober, a personal image consultant from Barcelona, will join the panel along with eyewear bloggers Nuria Gomez Fernandez and Miguel Mazon Varela – who is also an optician optometrist.

Grégoire Vuilleumier, Vintage Eyewear Curator, will also judge the competition.

The deadline for the Love Eyewear Awards has been extended to 11 December to allow a further week for brands and practices to enter the 13 categories.

Shortlisted nominees will be revealed on 22 January, and winners will be announced on 24 February, the first day of the show.

Check back on OT in the New Year to hear more from Carolina Lober on eyewear style.

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