Make a splash

Designers have taken inspiration from the bold looks, Hollywood starlets, and music scene legends that have come before in new collections perfect for summer 2023

female model wearing eyewear
ProDesign Denmark

Frame: Eyewear jewellery

Prodesign Denmark is celebrating its 50th anniversary by reissuing iconic frames from the brand’s history in a new capsule collection.

First launched almost 20 years ago, the ‘Iris’ features laser cut ornamentation in a model that the brand describes as “eyewear jewellery.”

A new version of the frame has been released for 2023 in three shapes: one based on the original ‘5104’ shape, a deeper square shape, and a large cat’s eye (pictured).

While the original model was designed with stainless steel, the frames in the new collection have been made from titanium. This switch in materials also enables a wider range of ionic plating and gold-plated colours.

Further adjustments for 2023 include refining the curved front to make the frame more comfortable to wear and a new defined angle in the sides for better adjustability, with new acetate end tips and an exclusive finish.


Dry eye: a ZEST for eye care

The Body Doctor, manufacturer of The Eye Doctor eye care range, has introduced an in-practice deep cleansing kit for dry eye.

The Zocular Eyelid System Treatment (ZEST) pack uses patented Zokrex technology and activated natural Okra polysaccharide complexes to gently exfoliate the eyelids. ZocuSwab foam applicators are used to lift debris from the eyelid margin.

Ophthalmologist and chemist, Peter Pham, chief executive of Zocular, flew to the UK from the US for a preview of the ZEST kit at 100% Optical 2023.

The kit contains instructions for performing the in-practice treatment, plus the ZEST gel pods, ZocuSwabs, a dispensing well, sterile gauzes, a surgical mask and sterile saline vials.


Instrument: Precision colour

Cerium Visual Technologies has launched the latest version of the Intuitive Colorimeter, the Wave, building on the success of the Curve instrument launched in 2018.

The Wave has a re-designed and space-saving footprint, with new cloud storage capability and aesthetically refreshed and improved software.

The enhanced features of the Wave allow for a high level of precision in a “robust and efficient assessment” in clinical settings, and also aligns with the Practical diagnostic guidelines for visual stress protocol.


Lenses: AI-powered design

EssilorLuxottica has announced its new progressive lens, the Varilux XR series, designed using artificial intelligence.

Researchers from EssilorLuxottica studied more than 6500 consumers to understand the lifestyles and challenges of presbyopes, and gathered more than one million data points to develop a behavioural modelling system to predict how individuals with presbyopia look at objects around them.

Norbert Gorny, co-chief operating officer at EssilorLuxottica, explained that with the technology, “we can now establish a visual behaviour profile for every single prescription and provide the first eye-responsive lens that respects the natural behaviour of the eye.”


Frame: Clash of colours

J.F. Rey has released a new optical line with a minimalist design and bright colourways.

The Whisper collection is available in a “timeless and always contemporary” round shape with refined metal, for a fine and precise look.

Taking inspiration from eyeshadow make-up styles that bring a flattering ‘pop’ of colour to a look, the frames feature shades of lavender blue, fuchsia pink, spring lilac, poppy red, or apricot orange, contrasted with bold colour schemes and vibrant graphics on the sides. Pictured is the JF3016.


Sunglasses: Eyewear as icons

Mondottica has introduced the Vivienne Westwood 2023 Sun Collection which draws inspiration from the timeless styles immortalised by the Hollywood starlets of the 50s and 60s.

The collection brings together vintage inspired and ultra-feminine frames with modern colour tones, influenced by Moira Orfei, Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren, along with silhouettes influenced by 1960s icons: Adriano Celentano, Michael Caine, Johnny Hallyday, and Marcello Mastroianni.

Frames include futurist ‘heart’ shaped visors, statement frames in deep-toned tortoiseshells and gradients transitioning from dark rust to soft pink and cobalt blue to forest green.

Stand-out models from the collection include the heart-shaped ‘Yara’ sunglasses, that wraps around the face with an integrated rimless lens and bridge for a visor-like look.

The ‘Ada’ (pictured) takes inspiration from Georgian jewellery lockets, featuring intricate metal pearl-inspired detailing as a focal point.

Materials have also been carefully selected. Handmade acetate frames and end tips are made from the Eastman ‘Acetate Renew’ material made from 60% bio-based content, formed of renewable wood pulp cellulose from FSC-certified sources, and 40% certified recycled content formed of waste plastic diverted from landfill.

Packaging includes a recycled by-product leather case, organic cotton bag, recycled polyester cloth, and a recycled and FSC certified paper box, produced with green energy.


Frames: A spring in your step

Charmant has revealed the new Spring/Summer 2023 collection from Esprit Optical, with ‘joy’ at the heart.

Styles in the collection include modern retro, thin geometric models and bold frames made from metal, ultralight and innovative mixes of materials, the company said.

Design highlights include ornate 3D details, hand-painted colours and fine design elements, with new colours including pastels, icy blue, teal, red and rosy pink.

Vintage inspired, both the men’s contemporary rectangular ‘ET33475’ frame (pictured) and feminine rounded ‘ET33476’ model feature thin sides, with 3D volume design details on the front and end pieces and an accentuated brow line with matte finish.

Geometric models include the unisex ‘ET33477’ and small-fit ‘ET33478’ with angular shapes, hand-painted colour details and translucent or opaque end tips.

The new collection also includes a line of ultralight frames including the rectangular ‘ET33479,’ rounded ‘ET33480,’ and soft square ‘ET33481,’ all made of a material mix that combines transparent or milky rims with thin sides.

New styles have been added to the Esprit ecollection, made from responsibly sourced eco-acetate containing a high proportion of plant-based ingredients. The men’s ‘ET33484’ frame offers a bold squared look and the ‘ET33485’ in the women’s line is available in tones of green, red or black with patterned sides, and Havana and opaque sides. The small-fit frame ‘ET33486’ is a soft cat’s eye with transparent colours on blue and purple styles and patterned, milky sides on brown and grey models.