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Earn your stripes

Optometrist and lifestyle blogger, Lizzy Yeowart, on head-turning striped frames, and ‘The Enzo EZ8’ by Vysen

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Earn your sartorial stripes with eyewear in this season’s favourite pattern.


Outspoken, ‘OA2124’

If head-turning eyewear is what you want, look no further than the Dutch brand Outspoken. Style ‘OA2124’ comes in five vibrant colourways, all guaranteed to attract compliments.

Style accents

Face a Face, ‘Tilde’

‘Tilde’ by Face a Face is named after the accent used in Spanish ( ˞ ), which is illustrated in this frame by the cut-out colour accent along the sides. The sharp-edge polishing makes for futuristic styling.

Seize the day

Ronit Fürst, ‘Model 5063’

A regular exhibitor at 100% Optical, Ronit Fürst knows how capture attention. Part of her Graffiti collection, ‘Model 5063’ is hand-painted and adorned with the famous idiom, Carpe Diem (‘Seize the day’).

Anatomy of frame

Unpicking a standout frame, by OT columnist Lizzy Yeowart