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Heritage brands

Optometrist and lifestyle blogger, Lizzy Yeowart, on statement pieces from the most recognisable design houses


During the pandemic, retailers reported steep rises in accessory sales, especially investment pieces from heritage and designer brands. Here are three pieces of eyewear from long-established fashion houses.

Undeniably Dior

Dior frames
Dior ‘30Montaigne BU 12B0’

This bold butterfly sun style makes a statement, and the gold-finish CD monogram leaves no doubt that this is unmistakeably Dior.

Bio beauty

Burberry, ‘40816801’

A modern silhouette made from biodegradable bio-acetate and highlighted with a gold-plated ‘B’ and detachable chain with Burberry lettering.

Pearlescent treasures

Chanel with chain
Chanel, ‘Pantos Eyeglasses’

Chanel’s iconic strap is reimagined in this stunning optical style with chain-link detail on the top and sides. It comes with a detachable strap fashioned from calfskin and imitation pearls.

Anatomy of a frame

Unpicking a standout frame, by OT columnist Lizzy Yeowart

anatomy of a frame