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OT  focuses on… myopia management

From a myopia management system to technology and lenses, addressing childhood myopia is high on the eye health agenda

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Entering the market

EssilorLuxottica and CooperCompanies have finalised a joint venture operating agreement for SightGlass Vision to accelerate commercialisation of its lens technology.

SightGlass Vision’s Diffusion Optics Technology incorporates thousands of micro-dots in the lens to scatter light, which reduces contrast on the retina and aims to reduce myopia progression.

Andrew Sedgwick, who has been appointed chief executive officer of the company, said: “Commercialisation of Diffusion Optics Technology is progressing in collaboration with our distributors, including the first European launch in the Netherlands and planned introductions for other markets this year.”


A blossoming system

Menicon has launched its Menicon Bloom Myopia Management system, including CE approved contact lenses and care products. A Menicon Bloom app and Menicon Bloom Easyfit software have also been provided to help practitioners track and monitor wearer compliance.

The Menicon Bloom treatment includes two types of contact lenses: an orthokeratology lens, Menicon Bloom Night, manufactured in hyper oxygen permeable Menicon Z material, and Menicon Bloom Day, a daily disposable hydrogel lens. The daily lens utilises an extended depth of focus design to enable myopia-control effects.

The company has also launched training and e-learning modules for practitioners to become certified Menicon Bloom specialists.

menicon bloom lineup total

Combined approach

Haag-Streit UK has partnered with Hoya Lens UK to provide the Lenstar Myopia by Hoya to eye care professionals (ECPs).

The partnership aims to provide a comprehensive package to equip ECPs to address myopia progression.

The Lenstar Myopia by Hoya is based on the Lenstar 900 optical biometer and corresponding EyeSuite myopia management software platform, which provides information and education to patients and parents.

By using this alongside Hoya’s Miyosmart spectacle lens, the companies suggest it creates a “strong one-two approach” to diagnose and manage myopia.

Lenstar Myopia by HOYA

Lenslet tech

Essilor’s Stellest lenses have arrived in the UK. The lenses feature a design that aims to control and slow down myopia progression, using Highly Aspherical Lenslet Target (HALT) technology, a constellation of 1021 invisible aspherical contiguous lenslets over 11 rings on the surface of the lens.

The lenses aim to create a volume of unfocused light in front, and following the shape of, the retina, which helps to slow down eye elongation.

Results from a clinical trial have shown that, after two years, children wearing Stellest lenses for at least 12 hours a day saw their myopia progression reduced by 67% on average, compared to children wearing single vision lenses.