Me and my glasses

“Glasses are a huge deal in the gaming space”

Oakley’s first professional esports athlete, professional Call of Duty player and two-time Major League Gaming XGames gold medallist, Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, talks to OT  about why the right pair of frames makes all the difference when gaming

Oakley Scump

How many pairs of sunglasses do you own?

I own about three to four pairs of eyewear.

What frame shapes, colours or styles do you usually go for?

Usually I go for just black frames that have medium lenses.

Can you describe your favourite pair?

I love Oakley’s eyewear; my favourite frame at the moment is called ‘Metalink’ with Prizm Gaming lenses, in black of course. They’re comfortable on the ears when I have a headset on, with blue light technology in the lenses.

What is important to you in the eyewear you choose, either for leisure or for training and competing?

That it looks stylish though not too over the top, but most importantly they need to be functional. Oakley’s Prizm Gaming collection is just that to me, they’re performance products that don’t compromise on aesthetic. I don’t like frames to be too big so I can see everything on the screen without seeing the glasses’ frames.

Who would you pick as your style icon of glasses wearers and why?

Joseph Gordon Levitt, my icon, crushes the glasses game.

Are you a spectacle-wearer? If so, how long have you worn spectacles, and what prompted you to go for your first sight test?

I have been wearing glasses for probably seven or eight years. I went to the optometrist because I couldn’t see the baseball coming in when I was playing.

It isn’t very important for my eyewear to reflect my personality; I use eyewear to help me be the best competitor I can be


Do you wear contact lenses?

No. I have bad allergies so touching my eyes at all is a no-go.

How important is eyewear to reflect your personality?

It isn’t very important for my eyewear to reflect my personality; I use eyewear to help me be the best competitor I can be. Not so much for fashion.

How might the right eyewear support you in competing?

The right glasses are very important. I am very picky about what I wear because I don’t want them to interfere with my sight of the screen. I feel that Oakley have done a great job of integrating unobtrusive tech into their eyewear that really gives me the competitive edge.

What has it meant for you to become the first esports athlete on Team Oakley? What can you tell us about what this will involve?

It’s a huge honour to be picked up by a brand as prestigious as Oakley. For me to be the first is kind of unreal because I have loved their brand since I can remember. As for plans, those are top secret.

With such a large following, what do you think it might mean for your fans to see you become part of Team Oakley?

The reception of the partnership has been great. Glasses are a huge deal in the gaming space, so for Oakley to come into gaming, you can imagine it would be big news.

What are your top three tips for selecting the right pair of frames?

Make sure they don’t block your peripheral vision at all is my biggest tip. Make sure you love the frames, and lastly (if using them for gaming) I recommend the Oakley Prizm Gaming lenses, to help with eye strain. Comfort is key, make sure the frames are compatible with headsets so you don’t have to worry about wearing them for long gaming sessions.