Inspecs gains Green Product Award for its O’Neill ‘Wove’ sunglasses

The ‘Wove’ sunglasses are created from a range of recycled and recyclable materials, including ghost fishing nets

Inspecs O'Neill frames
Eyewear designer, manufacturer and distributor, Inspecs, won the International Green Product Award in the sport category for its O’Neill ‘Wove’ sunglasses.

As winners of a Green Product Award 2021, the ‘Wove’ sunglasses were selected from a total of 1461 applicants to the competition, from 51 countries. Each participant is reviewed for standout design, innovative aspects and sustainability.

The ‘Wove’ sunglasses and packaging, launched last year, are made using a collection of recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials.

The sunglass frames are formed from recycled materials, such as ghost fishing nets (those lost or left in the ocean), with mineral and recyclable glass lenses, and touchpoints made from recycled rubber. The sunglass case is also made from recycled plastic bottles.

Inspecs CEO and founder, Robin Totterman, said: “Sustainability is at the heart of what we do at Inspecs and I am delighted that our team has won the Green Product Award for our sustainable ‘Wove’ frames created for O’Neill, made thoughtfully from recycled resources and recyclable and biodegradable materials.”

“This award acknowledges our commitment to sustainability, as well as recognising our extraordinary team of designers who continuously strive to innovate and break the boundaries in the industry,” Totterman continued.

The ‘Wove’ frames were created in alignment with the sportswear brand’s mission of reducing plastic waste in the ocean and having a positive impact on the planet, a scheme called ‘O’Neill Blue.’

Strategic brand manager for O’Neill, Julian De Waal, explained: “We truly believe that sustainability is a topic where collaboration is required. It is not something that you can do by yourself. That’s why in partnership with Inspecs we have worked together to create these unique sunglasses.”

“We are happy that the sustainability and innovation that went into the development has been awarded with The Green Product Award. Naturally, this is an important step for our O’Neill Blue programme; our initiative to create more sustainable products,” De Waal added.

As part of Inspecs’ sustainable aims, the company released its own range of eyewear made from biodegradable materials earlier this year.