Inspecs launches sustainable frame range

The Botaniq collection has been made from a range of sustainable and biodegradable materials

Inspecs has launched a new sustainable eyewear collection featuring biodegradable materials, in response to consumer demand for sustainable products.

The Botaniq collection, designed by a team of in-house technical experts at Inspecs, will initially launch with 16 styles. The frames are available from this month.

The materials used in the frames have been selected for their qualities of sustainability and durability, such as wood, cork and bamboo, and recycled stainless steel.

The bio-based acetate Natura is also a feature. The material was tested to ISO14855 and certified by Organic Waste Systems to biodegrade within 120 days under controlled composting conditions. As Natura is available in a variety of colours and textures, the company suggests the frames offer unique designs, drawing inspiration from nature’s colours and textures.

The Inspecs team designed the frames in unisex styles for everyday wear, adding that it has positioned them at a price comparable to non-sustainable frames.

In a statement, Inspecs shared that in designing the collection, it wanted to be thoughtful about “every element of the product and its packaging, and to manage its full life cycle.”

With visibility of the complete manufacturing process, Inspecs explained that is has been able to reduce the product’s environmental impact throughout. Consumers will also be able to return their old Botaniq glasses and packaging to Inspecs so that they can be recycled.

The demo lenses have been made recyclable and the packaging is also made from recycled cardboard and recyclable plastic bags.

Commenting on the collection, Inspecs’ chief executive, Robin Totterman, said: “The waste involved in the eyewear industry after frames leave manufacturers has troubled us. This is causing a mountain of waste every year in the UK alone.”

Describing his own experience, having grown up in Scandinavia, “a culture of simple, beautiful products, smart choices about waste and a respect and love for the natural world,” Mr Totterman shared: “When I first started this company in London in 1988 the word ‘sustainable’ was generally still a leftfield concept.”

30 years later, and following several acquisitions over the past year, Mr Totterman explained: “I found myself in a position to make positive industry changes and meet the demands of retailers and consumers who are willing to make sustainable choices if the source is trustworthy, and it doesn’t cost them more to buy.

“I challenged the design and technical teams to come up with affordable solutions for making frames that make less impact on the planet.”

The company has also formed a partnership with the non-profit One Tree Planted. Through the agreement, for each frame sold, a tree will be planted to offset the carbon from shipping.

“Inspecs is looking to the future investing in further innovations in sustainable materials for eyewear,” Mr Totterman continued. He added, “I hope that this new Botaniq collection will pave the way for the eyewear industry to look at other ways we can all do better.”