Geometric designs and technological innovation

Eyewear brands have added new options celebrating sport and embracing technical precision. OT  takes a look


Spectacles: Winter-ready

Blackfin introduced its new Fall/Winter collection, comprised of 10 styles with seven in the Blackfin One line and three in the new Blackfin Razor line. The new additions to the Blackfin One collection feature both masculine and unisex shapes in a variety of colours, while the Razor collection emphasises retro-inspirations with a 3D geometrically-sculpted bridge.

Included amongst the Blackfin One collection, ‘Worcester’ offers a classic men’s squared style, while ‘Sefton’ (pictured) and ‘Crosby’ are both large, round and thick frames. In the Blackfin Razor line, the ‘Greenport’ squared frame is available in matte or metallic pastel colours, while ‘Hoover’ features larger rims and a bright colour palette. Rounding out the collection, ‘Fort Zachary’ is inspired by the iconic ‘pantos’ look, but with round rims.

Lenses: Providing varifocal comfort

Essilor has launched a new generation of its varifocal lens offering, Varilux Comfort Max, created for wearers with busy lifestyles. The new design aims to reduce eye strain and bring postural flexibility to wearers, enabling them to adopt more postures and head movements to see sharply. The Varilux Comfort Max uses Essilor’s new Flex Optim technology to increase the ‘useful vision zone’ of the lens by up to 46% to help wearers see more naturally without having to struggle to find the right gaze direction or posture. The company hopes the new lens will attract newer presbyopes.

Essilor Comfort Max

Sports: Take to the slopes

Adidas, in collaboration with Marcolin Group, has introduced two new adidas Terrex Snow Goggles. The eyewear feature two lenses to suit a variety of weather conditions. The ‘E-Sun Varia’ lenses automatically adjust to changing light conditions in less than 40 seconds, the company suggests, and cover up to three different sun protection categories. The lenses are made from NXT, a material developed by E-Sun Solution to offer optical class and impact resistance, as well as a lightweight feel.

Meanwhile, the ‘E-Sun Kolor Up’ lenses offer enhanced brightness and colour contrast. The lenses also offer maximum UV protection and visual comfort.

The goggles themselves feature a ventilation system that uses 15 small aerodynamic vents to allow for hot air to flow outside of the goggles, keeping the inside dry and preventing moisture build-up or fogging. A 3D inner foam with three layers of density means the goggles adjust to any face shape.


Packaging: Sustainable switch

After research and development into sustainable packaging, Eyespace has introduced biodegradable frame bags for all of its product lines. The investment marks part of the company’s green policy portfolio to reduce the use of single-use plastics. The biodegradable bags break down in five years under normal landfill conditions and can be reused or recycled.

Company co-founder and managing director, Jayne Abel, commented: “The time feels right for greener actions, and to prioritise our families and future generations. We hope that each innovation will also encourage other businesses to explore sustainable alternatives, demonstrate an appetite for greener practices, and stimulate manufacturers to invest in more economically viable options.”

Eco Conscious Bio framebags

Compress: What the doctor ordered

Positive Impact has become the exclusive distributor for the Eye Doctor product range, including its Premium Hot & Cold Antimicrobial Eye Compress. The compress is designed to help relieve symptoms of a variety of eye conditions. Featuring Sterileyes antibacterial protection and BodyBeads self-hydrating technology, the product is also reusable with a removable washable cover.

Eye Doctor

Spectacles: Celebrating Formula 1

Formula 1 has partnered with the specialist eyewear company, Formuleyes, to produce an exclusive collection of glasses as part of its 70th anniversary celebrations. The collection has been revealed throughout the autumn with the ‘Titanium’ frame the first of the collection. The ‘Titanium’ model celebrates the “technical precision, innovation and design” of Formula 1. The frame is made from sustainable materials and manufactured through a zero-footprint 3D-printed titanium technology.


Spectacles: Instagram appeal

International Eyewear has introduced new additions to the Eyestuff collection with two frames it describes as ‘top of the class’ for the school environment. The ‘Eyestuff Geometric’ (pictured) features a hexagonal shape with ‘oil slick’ effect temple plating for a look that is described is bold and ‘futuristic,’ with Instagram appeal. The frame is available in Gold and Rose Gold.

The ‘Eyestuff Tectonic’ instead offers an architectural acetate structure with multiple layers and a matt finish. The frame is available in navy and grey colourways.