Me and my glasses

Feedback from the eyes

Stunt driver and brand ambassador for Serengeti, Sera Trimble, discusses the importance of clear vision when behind the wheel

Sera Trimble

How many pairs of sunglasses do you own?

I am a long time Serengeti wearer and have about five different pairs.

Can you describe your favourite pair?

It’s difficult to choose, but I love my ‘Raffaele’ frames and have a few pairs of them in different colours. It’s cool that the Serengeti frames are produced and created from all-natural cotton – it produces some beautiful tortoiseshell and oaky patterns. I love the subtle metal detail on the frames. They are really lightweight and what helps me is that the arms can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit. Above all though, their ultra-light mineral lenses give such fantastic clarity when driving. I have a car from the '80s that I often drive around and I like wearing a style that feels like it fits the car.

What frame shapes, colours or styles do you usually go for?

I have different pairs for different occasions. I love round styles but I also love more angled shapes. Tortoiseshell, patterned, black, a real mix of colours.

Who would you pick as your sunglasses style icon and why?

I am pretty in love with any photograph of Bowie in sunglasses. Whether they’re pink or bright white frames but always bold.

Serengeti sunglasses
Serengeti ‘Raffaele’ with polarised driving lenses

Do you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses?

I do not have prescription glasses or contacts. I can’t predict 10 years from now, but currently I don’t.

How important is eyewear in reflecting your personality?

As it’s the first thing that others see, especially in sunny California, I think it’s nice to have a well-structured shape enhancing your face.

I need to be able to react in a split second so having clear vision is essential


Why is clear vision important in your job as a stunt driver?

I need pure focus when I drive, especially at speed. I need to be able to react in a split second so having clear vision is essential. My eyes have to be able to cope and give me feedback in any environment.

How do your sunglasses aid you behind the wheel?

My Serengeti frames are me all the way. I often face challenging conditions like intense sunlight and glare, especially in Los Angeles but there can also be sudden reductions in visibility, for example due to cloud cover. My sunglasses deal with these problems. They have an incredible ability to pick out details and boost contrast and definition, even at a distance. What also really helps is the cool, relaxing feeling on my eyes. It’s important that they stay fresh.

Image credit: Webb Bland