Behind the brand

Style and DNA

Fleye Copenhagen’s PR and communications manager, Elise Hoang, tells OT  about how the eyewear company always tries to combine materials in new and innovative ways

Fleye Elverfeld Eyewear

Can you tell me three interesting facts about the company?

Fleye Copenhagen recently celebrated its 16th anniversary. It was founded by Annette Estø, Hanne Rosenvold Anderson and Lars Halstrøm in 2002.

We always make our own inspirational material for all of our collections and campaigns. We document the whole process from the individual elements to the completed result. This is our way to tell an original story about the inspiration for our collections and to illustrate the creative process behind our eyewear.

We always try to look for inspiration from a local perspective to have a strong link to our Danish culture. We are very proud to be Danish, which is highly reflected in the designs of our eyewear in terms of the simplicity, functionality and quality of our eyewear. We combine classic simplicity with edge, where traditions meet the modern in innovative ways.

What makes your eyewear unique?

We make extremely comfortable and feather-light eyewear as we only use high quality lightweight materials such as HDCA acetate, beta-titanium, carbon fibre and wood. We are actually one of the few brands in the industry who make carbon frames, which is a tremendously strong yet light material. The way we combine the materials is also quite innovative and unique. For example, we make eyewear handcrafted from 23 layers of carbon fibre and one layer of natural coloured wood.

"We are very proud to be Danish, which is highly reflected in the designs of our eyewear in terms of the simplicity, functionality and quality of our eyewear"

What is the latest collection that you have released and why does it stand out from the crowd? 

We have recently launched our SS18 Signature Collection, which is inspired by the colours, textures and layers found in classic Danish smørrebrød sandwiches. This collection is the second part of our smørrebrød campaign dedicated to Scandinavian food culture. Our Signature eyewear is bolder and more daring than ever before and it is an exclusive limited edition collection, which is only available at selected opticians and fashion stores worldwide.

What are the company’s main ambitions for the next 12 months?

We will continue to work within this nice path, that we have worked so hard to get to, where we keep on surprising and challenging our customers and ourselves positively.

What external factors is the company taking into account when planning for the future, and why?

We have many talented competitors in the eyewear industry who make really nice, cool and trendy frames, so we always put a lot of effort into maintaining our own style and DNA.

Fleye Meyer Keller eyewear

Are there any new products in development that customers should be aware of?

Our upcoming collection and campaign for AW18 is taking inspiration from Flora Danica, meaning Flowers of Denmark – a book of floral illustrations from the 1800s. To Danes, Flora Danica became an iconic concept – also in combination with the famous china set – known by everyone in the country. We have just finished making our own inspirational material, where we were photographing frozen flower elements in ice one-by-one in three steps. The ice effect underlines the autumn/winter feeling, and we are so excited to show you the new eyewear designs.

What do you predict eyewear trends to be in 2019?

The round and voluminous shapes have been very popular in the past couple of years and will dominate again in 2019. In addition, we will see much more of the classic cat-eye designs interpreted in a new and innovative way with small, narrow shapes, sleek silhouettes and bold cut-outs. We will continue to challenge ourselves to find the best and most comfortable materials and we put a lot of effort into how to combine them in a new and innovative way.