The X factor

Essilor has launched its latest generation of varifocal lens, the Varilux X series, at an event in Manchester


Essilor has officially released the latest generation of its varifocal lens in the UK. 

The company reports that the new lens gives extended vision at multiple near distances in a 40-70cm arm’s length sphere. 

Speaking at the Manchester event, Essilor UK commercial director, Randeep Gill, told OT  that the visual requirements of consumers and patients were changing.

“We’ve embraced that in our next generation of Varilux,” he highlighted. 

Essilor UK professional relations manager, Andy Hepworth, outlined to OT  that the new range meant a patient did not have to search for the position on the lens that would allow them to resolve a target. 

“They can get multiple targets looking through the same point in the lens and that is really, really powerful to the end-user,” he elaborated. 

“We need to keep driving forward with higher and ever-better performance in our varifocal lens design and that is what Varilux X delivers,” Mr Hepworth added. 

The Varilux X series has the same range of powers, coatings, polarisation and transitions as the previous Varilux S series. A small amount was added to the Varilux S series price point of £2 per lens. 

Chapman Opticians managing director, Andy Chapman, told OT  he had dispensed around 200 pairs of Varilux X to date. 

“The consistent theme that comes across from patients is that they are quite amazed at the depth of the vision that they get,” he shared. 

The uptake of the X design lenses had been “fantastic,” Mr Chapman emphasised. 

“People love the idea of the innovation that it brings,” he added. 

The Varilux X series was launched at the Midland Hotel in Manchester on 22 May. 

For more information, visit Essilor's eye care practitioner website