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CooperVision announces next phase of Fresh Thinking campaign at 100% Optical

CooperVision has announced the next phase of its Fresh Thinking campaign, Fresh Start, at 100% Optical 2024

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Last year, CooperVision launched the first stage of its Fresh Thinking campaign, which kicked off an industry-wide conversation about how the contact lens patient journey could evolve and help to grow the contact lens category, introducing the benefits of contact lenses to more people.

This year, an exciting update, Fresh Start, has been delivered. An initial part of this phase was a survey of 580 eye care professionals and 500 patients. When the findings were analysed, key ‘pinch points’ to be addressed included:

  • 84% of patients didn’t feel confident on the day of their first contact lens appointment1
  • Only 14% of eye care professionals use a lifestyle questionnaire to ensure appropriate contact lenses are available for the patient on the day of their contact lens trial2
  • Only a half of optical practice staff stated that patients were booked in for application and removal tuition on the same day as the contact lens fitting3
  • Nearly one in four optical practice staff stated that on average, three or more appointments with an eye care professional are required to complete a soft contact lens fit4
  • Nearly seven out of 10 potential contact lens wearers would buy them online, discontinue or go elsewhere if they had to return several times to the practice during their contact lens trial.5

CooperVision spoke to a number of practising eye care professionals, giving them the opportunity to share their opinions on the findings.

Sara Miller, contact lens divisional lead at Boots, said: “Understanding the patient’s lifestyle is crucial in making sure we have a full understanding of the patient’s needs and expectations. Without understanding the problem, we cannot find a solution.”

Rebecca Donnelly, clinical lead optometrist and independent prescriber at Lynne Fernandes Optometrists, in Bristol, added: “Contact lenses are important revenue for practice. Therefore, successful, streamlined fitting processes are fundamental in converting a fit to a successful contact lens wearer, and reducing risk of drop out as a trialist or early on into that patient’s contact lens career.”

Donnelly continued: “Not having lenses chosen and ready on the day of the appointment adds an additional unnecessary fit appointment for the patient and additional expense for the business in the form of chair time.”

Fresh ideas from eye care professionals working in practice on how to tackle the pinch points at each stage of the contact lens patient fitting journey – pre, on-the-day, and post-fit – have been shared. These valuable hints and tips provide inspiration for ways that practices might make changes, to help support and grow their contact lens business.

Keran Fordham, senior regional director, UK&I, at CooperVision, said: “We’re extremely grateful to the eye care professionals and patients who have generously shared their fresh ideas on how the contact lens fitting journey can be improved.

“We are committed to helping eye care professionals deliver the best experience possible for their contact lens patients and this latest stage of our Fresh Thinking campaign, Fresh Start, showcases real-world experiences and ideas on how to overcome any pinch points.”

Fordham added: “We look forward to partnering with those working day to day in practice, to manage the challenges they face, so that more and more patients will have the opportunity to experience the freedom that contact lenses can bring.”

Find out more information about the Fresh Thinking campaign by speaking to your CooperVision Business Development Manager or going online.


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