Behind the brand

“Woodys really focuses on upcoming trends and fashions”

Melanie Scott, UK country director for Woodys Eyewear, on the colourful and fashion-forward brand and its ambitions in the UK market

A young woman with bright orange hair stands in harsh sunlight, looking down towards the camera. She wears large butterfly-shaped frames with three contrasting colours of acetate on the top corners. She holds a pink striped snake against her chest. The general effect is striking, and a little science-fiction
Woodys Eyewear

Woodys Eyewear – behind the scenes

What makes Woodys Eyewear and its approach or products unique?

Woodys really focuses on upcoming trends and fashions. The catwalks are always at the cutting edge, and we try and pick up on colours, shapes, materials and styles that will add something different.

What is the latest collection and why does it stand out from the crowd? How many frames are included in this collection?

The latest fashionable colours are always at the forefront. Luckily, the UK market is changing and becoming far more excited by colour. Our mix of acetate and titanium also enables us to launch unusual shapes and designs.

What is Woodys’ approach to sustainability?

We work with both bio and recycled acetate in the majority of our products. The frame cases are 100% recycled, and we use recycled paper and cardboard in our packaging. The office generates all of its energy from solar panels. This is one of the benefits of a location in Spain.

What are the company’s main ambitions for the next 12 months?

We can easily quadruple in size over the next 12 months, while still maintaining an exclusive area for each of our retail partners.

Are there any new projects in development that customers should be aware of?


Woodys Eyewear launched

We offer bespoke marketing to each of our retail partners. This includes some very unusual visuals, allowing our partners to create very strong marketing campaigns. Once you have seen one of our window displays, you won’t forget it.

Expert perspective – beyond the brand:

Have you seen any changes in consumer demand and behaviours?

Price versus quality is a key driver. UK consumers are also becoming more considerate of fashion. There is a slow change from having only one pair of spectacles. Women buying frames with a new outfit is growing sales.

How would you describe the business environment for independent optometry practices in the UK and Europe currently? How does Woodys seek to work with its customers?

Challenging to say the least. Optical outlets are more considerate to style and fashion, and style studios are growing. Making the experience of purchasing something unique and unusual is fun and motivates the consumer to be more adventurous.

Service and value for money is always key. We often surprise our customers with the price we offer for the quality. This drives sales in a very positive way.

The opportunity is for us to build awareness in the coming years


What are some of the external market challenges you see facing the eyewear sector? How does that affect Woodys in particular as an independent brand?

Independent opticians need to be independent. Some multinational companies receive strong backing from independents, while those businesses are multiple optical retail chains competing with those same independent opticians. Woodys supplies independent opticians that understand that they must offer something different and exciting to their customers.

What are the biggest opportunities that you see currently in eyewear?

Woodys is still relatively unknown in the UK, whereas we are very strong in Europe. The opportunity is for us to build awareness in the coming years.