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The Body Doctor prepares for Dry Eye Revolution

The company plans to launch a new dry eye initiative at 100% Optical, partnering with AOS to offer a trial software subscription as part of the support service

A person sits at a computer screen which displays a page from the AOS software, showing a large image of an eye with measurements overlaid
Advanced Ophthalmic Systems

The Body Doctor has revealed plans to launch an initiative that will support practices to become fully functioning dry eye clinics within 30 days.

The Dry Eye Revolution, a resource and service offering knowledge and guidance, is set to launch at 100% Optical in February.

The Body Doctor has partnered with Advanced Ophthalmic Systems (AOS) to provide practices in the programme with a free three-month trial subscription to AOS software.

Use of the software will allow for objective grading of the anterior segment, image enhancement, live video calling between a practitioner and patient, reporting, and access to a remote visual acuity system.

The initiative will also feature a community WhatsApp group, point of sale materials, digital assets for social media, and a designated key account manager to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing support.

Ross Bailey, optical director for The Body Doctor Ltd, said: “Our strategic partnership with AOS is a pivotal step in our mission to revolutionise how practitioners manage dry eye and elevate the overall patient experience.”

The integration of the AOS software with The Body Doctor’s Dry Eye Revolution initiative, means, “we are not just addressing dry eye symptoms,” Bailey suggested, adding: “We are reshaping the landscape of eye care, providing comprehensive solutions that prioritise patient wellbeing.”

Commenting on the AOS software, Ben David, AOS general manager, said: “One of the primary uses for the software is to improve how dry eye patients are managed. The imaging, grading and analysis tools have been shown to have a significant impact on patient adherence to treatment pathways.”

David continued: “We’re delighted to be working with The Body Doctor as it continues to transform how dry eye care is delivered. The combination of the AOS suite of software tools and the Body Doctor Dry Eye Revolution service is one that we believe will fundamentally improve the lives of dry eye sufferers everywhere.”