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On stage at 100% Optical: Wheel of misfortune

AOP experts will be taking a fresh approach in their Main Stage session, covering common reasons for clinical negligence claims

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In the lead-up to 100% Optical 2024, OT reached out to a selection of speakers from the education programme to find out more about the sessions on offer, the topics that will be explored, and what visitors can expect. See the series on OT’s page dedicated to 100% Optical.

Could you give us an insight into the topic your session will cover?

We are going to take a slightly unusual and hopefully fun take on the reasons for clinical negligence claims and run through some case examples. That probably sounds very familiar, but there will be a bit of a twist.

What are some of the key messages you wish to highlight?

The main message is how modern technology, such as optical coherence tomography, brings great insight but also risk. We live in an age of big data, with potentially millions of images being captured and assessed in optometric practices. We want to look at how to do that as well as you can.

Who is this topic for? Who might benefit the most from joining?

Any practising optometrist with an interest in avoiding the pitfalls of modern practice.

What do you hope the top takeaway will be for attendees?

That they don’t need to be scared about clinical negligence claims and that with a few small modifications to how they practise they can keep themselves and, more importantly, their patients safe.

2024 marks 10 years of 100% Optical. How do you feel about being part of a milestone year for the optical show?

We feel incredibly excited and quite honoured, and that is why we are hoping to bring a slightly different approach this year. We want to inject a novel twist to our session while still delivering informative and practical content. We don’t want to give away too much, but as people who have seen our sessions before will know, there is always a risk of audience participation – this year that may be truer than ever.

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