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Cerium Visual Technologies launches fifth generation intuitive colorimeter

The company showcased the Wave during 100% Optical 2023, where it also celebrated its 30th anniversary

In recognition of its 30th anniversary, Cerium Visual Technologies has launched the latest version of its intuitive colorimeter, showcasing the Wave device at 100% Optical 2023.

Speaking to OT at 100% Optical, managing director of Cerium Digital Technologies, Claire Millar, explained that the Wave builds upon the company’s previous intuitive colorimeter model, the Curve.

“We have really elevated the hardware,” she shared, adding: “We have a smaller instrument, a slicker instrument, and a more ergonomically designed instrument.”

Millar shared that in creating the Wave, Cerium has also worked hard to “elevate the user experience,” responding to feedback from practitioners using the equipment.

Providing OT with a demonstration of the new device, Millar shared that the assessment takes 20 minutes to perform. “The patient will have already gone through a series of screening tests before they approach the machine,” she explained, adding that the patient will be taken through a series of questions, and then through the software, navigating and exploring with three parameters of colour. The process concludes with “a transmission and a series of colour codes that matches the colour that the patient has chosen.”

Millar highlighted that the device supports digital recording keeping as it is entirely paperless and can be exported into a range of patient management systems.

Discussing the research associated with colorimetry, Millar said: “We feel we are on a really exciting cusp in terms of research.”

She explained: “Historically, colourimetry has been used to try to alleviate the symptoms of visual stress in children with reading difficulties, but what we are finding now is that there are wonderful little pockets of research into a range of neurological disorders – for instance, migraines, autism, head injuries and concussion. I think that will really widen the area of patients that practitioners can work with.”