100% Optical

Occuity showcases PM1 Pachymeter

The handheld, non-contact device is set to go on sale in the UK later this year

Occuity showcased its upcoming technology at 100% Optical (25–27 February) in the form of its PM1 Pachymeter and a prototype for the AX1 Axiometer for myopia control.

The new PM1 Pachymeter is a handheld, non-contact device used to measure corneal thickness.

Dan Daly, CEO of Occuity, told OT: “We’re seeing in optometry at the moment that, for many measurements, you have to touch the eye, or there is no convenient, compact and handheld way of characterising someone’s eye.”

Occuity’s technology is designed to be handheld and compact, providing fast and convenient measurements.

Describing the process of taking a measurement, Daly shared: “It has a confocal scan, which creates a very small focus of light that scans through the eye, gets a reflection from each surface and that tells you how thick the cornea is. The advantage of it being optical is its non-contacting, so it sits an inch or so from the eye.”

Once the device has been primed to take a measurement, the user can hold it up to the eye and follow guides that turn green when aligned correctly.

Occuity suggests that the design of the device means that it could be used by front office members of staff.

Trials with the PM1 Pachymeter have been completed, and the device has been submitted for CM marking, with an intention to go on sale in summer.

During 100% Optical, Occuity also introduced a prototype of its new AX1 Axiometer for measuring axial length.

Daly said: “Axial length is really important because of myopia control. Measuring the axial length of the eye in a convenient fashion is really key, and most machines are very large and cumbersome. Our handheld devices are portable, can be used in a convenient fashion in practice or even taken out into the field to take measurements in schools, domiciliary care, places like that.”

The AX1 will use the same form factor as the company’s pachymeter and builds on Occuity’s patented optical technology platform.

The AX1 is anticipated to come to market in summer 2024.