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Nikon reveals new lens technology

Nikon Lenswear UK showcased its SeeCoat Next and Pure Blue UV at 100% Optical

Nikon Stand
Nikon Lenswear UK showcased its latest ophthalmic lens technology and revealed details of its public-facing campaign, at 100% Optical (25–27 February).

Nikon introduced its latest advancement in its premium lens coating portfolio, which the company noted had remained untouched for more than seven years.

The SeeCoat Next brings clarity and durability, and has been “tested and proven to handle the rigors of daily wearing conditions,” Nikon shared.

A new topcoat provides enhanced resistance against smudges and scratches, while diamond booster technology ensures the topcoat sustains its highest level of durability, even after prolonged use.

Nikon also showcased Pure Blue UV, a new material offering enhanced protection against UV and blue light, without compromise to the lens aesthetics. The material also includes an intelligent light purifier which provides all-in-one protection without unsightly blue reflection.

Pure Blue UV is available exclusively with SeeCoat Next.

Jill McLellan, managing director for Nikon Lenswear UK, said: “For over 100 years, our R&D team has stretched the possibilities of innovation in ophthalmic lens technologies. This means we can promise to bring differentiation to our premium practices to ensure that they can offer their patients the very latest technology when it comes to spectacle lenses, with our best-in-class service to ensure they stand out on the High Street.”

This year, Nikon Lenswear UK launched Facebook and Instagram social media channels to provide an online consumer community and drive traffic into independent Nikon Lenswear Partner practices.

These channels will host the company’s new global brand campaign, Details Unveiled.

By visiting a dedicated site, users can launch augmented reality filters using their smartphones, to bring the concept of high-precision details to life. Users can then share their experiences on social media using #DetailsUnveilledUK.

Isabelle Abrieux, director of marketing and strategy, said: “2023 promises to be a year dedicated to securing patient loyalty and driving consumers into the practices of our Nikon Lenswear Partners. Through our well-known and trusted brand, we will be supporting the independent community with a strategy designed for their benefit.”

During the February trade show, Nikon hosted 100% Optical’s first Independent Studio Bar, an area dedicated to the independent community with happy hours, a live DJ and chocolatier.