Optos at 100% Optical

OT  spoke to the company about the Monaco device and the supporting role it could play in shared care pathways

Optos showcased its Monaco device at 100% Optical, highlighting the variety of features combined in the platform.

The Monaco device incorporates ultra-widefield retinal imaging with integrated posterior-pole optical coherence tomography (OCT).

Speaking to OT about how the device is used in optometry settings, Sharon Ormonde, Optos sales director for Northern Europe, said: “The feedback that we get from many customers is that it enhances that clinical experience, from both the optometrist side and the patient side.”

“We’re able to see changes earlier, we’re able to detect disease earlier, we’re able to intervene earlier, which makes for a better clinical outcome,” she said.

The Monaco device provides an “unprecedented view” of the retina, Ormonde explained, of up to 200 degrees in a single capture and without the need for dilation.

Combined with OCT data, Ormonde suggested that practitioners are provided a “very good view of what’s happening at the back of the eye, without actually being face-to-face with a patient.”

Discussing the role Optos’ technology could play in shared care pathways, Ormonde highlighted: “I could see how that could feed into and benefit the community.”

“That means community optometrists could support the NHS, looking after those patients that can stay in the community. That then frees up the ophthalmologist’s time to see patients that they really need to see,” she said.