Grafton Optical introduces new air disinfection systems

The Novaerus Protect 200 and 800 air disinfection systems are designed to continuously clean the air in small and medium spaces

Grafton Air
Grafton Optical has introduced the Novaerus Protect 200 and Protect 800 Air Disinfection Systems, to provide a medical-grade ‘plug and play’ solution to help protect against airborne viruses and bacteria.

Reflecting on the “unprecedented” effects of the pandemic, Grafton Optical shared: “Returning to ‘normal’ life will demand more than just distancing and hand washing.”

The company commented: “We breathe around 11,000 litres of air per day, and in our places of work this is shared air. Contagious and easily transmitted pathogens need to be eradicated to help keep us healthy and safe.”

The units feature patented NanoStrike technology, utilising an atmospheric plasma discharge, which the company describes as the same type found in lightning strikes, to kill and deactivate harmful airborne microorganisms.

The Aerosol Research and Engineering laboratory has shown that Novaerus reduces airborne viral load by 99.99%.

The technology has also been tested and validated against the bacteriophage MS2, a substitute for SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus).

The Novaerus Protect 200 is designed for small spaces and can be fixed to the wall or placed on furniture. The Protect 800 can also be fixed to a wall or placed on a stand.
The technology is designed for continuous disinfection, can be plugged into any electrical outlet and uses less power than a light bulb, the company said.

The Protect 200 is designed to continuously disinfect air in small spaces, with a single fan speed. The device can be fixed to a wall or placed on furniture. Suggested applications for the device range from reception desks and offices, to the average consulting room.

“Protect 200 has been designed to be placed as close as possible to the patient or healthcare professional,” the company added.

The Protect 800, in comparison, is designed for small or medium spaces and has two fan speeds. This device can also be fixed to a wall or placed on a stand. Suggested applications for the solution include larger spaces such as examination rooms and operating theatres, classrooms and common areas.

The Novaerus Protect 800 in ophthalmology

A clinical trial has been carried out to assess the effect of the Novaerus Protect 800 unit in reducing the presence of staphylococcus aureus bacteria in an ophthalmology operating room in Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.

Installed in a 73.5m3 room, with pre-trial colony readings of 200 CFU/m3 in the used room and 50 CFU/m3 in the empty room, the unit was found to reduce the bacterial colony count in both the rooms that were being used and those that were empty. The unit also caused no increase in the temperature or sound levels of the room.

Grafton graph

Image credit: Infection Control Unit Lab, Ain Shams University, Egypt. (January, 2019). Evaluation of the Novaerus Technology in an Ophthalmology Operating Room