Preservative-free wipes

Thea Pharmaceuticals new wipes are designed to provide relief from symptoms of Demodex

Thea Blepha packshot
Thea Pharmaceuticals has extended its Blepha range of lid care products with BlephaDemodex eye lid wipes.

Available in boxes of 30, the preservative-free wipes are designed specifically to provide relief from symptoms of Demodex, including itching, dryness and lid margin inflammation.

BlephaDemodex cleans away crusts, eyelash dandruff, impurities, mites and debris on eyelids and eyelashes that cause inflammation.

Thea Pharmaceuticals said the wipes are clinically proven to improve symptoms linked to Demodex infestation.

It includes terpinen-4-ol, which is an extract from tea tree oil that is used for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, and sodium hyaluronate, which is a natural skin soothing and moisturising agent.

For further information, visit the Thea Pharmaceuticals website.