Alzheimer's diagnosis test in development

A new partnership will help physicians diagnose and monitor the disease by studying the retina

Optos device
Optos has partnered with pharmaceutical company Amydis to develop an early diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s disease.

The companies explained that the partnership will provide a medical solution to assist physicians and pharmaceutical companies discovering therapeutic interventions as well as address the unmet clinical need for early diagnosis of the neurodegenerative disease.

CEO of Optos, Robert Kennedy, said: “This clinical collaboration with Amydis supports Optos’ vision to help physicians diagnose and monitor disease by studying the retina.”

Amydis has developed a pipeline of compounds to detect amyloid proteins in the retina, which will be visualised using Optos’ ultra-widefield imaging devices.

The companies explained that the compounds bind to specific biomarkers in the retina and fluoresce, which makes them visible using optomap.

CEO of Amydis, Stella Sarraf, said that the company is “excited” to use its fluorescent probe technology with optomap to develop an Alzheimer’s screening test.